Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blackfoot Farmers Market.

 First day set up. Not too busy yet on a Friday. More vendors come in on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Layout Samples.

Type can be placed on top of the image or printed inside the cards.
There will be space limitations. All copy must be approved by client.

 Thank you.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Designs July 2010.

July designs.
JUL 1                                                          JUL 2
Text is customizable.
JUL 3                                                                       JUL 4

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mandalas June 2010.

JUNE designs to choose from.
Please refer to the codes below the image is you are
placing an order. I am willing to ship cards internationally,
though shipping cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Thank you.

JUN 1                                                                     JUN 2
JUN 3                                                                             JUN 4
                                                                                                 Caption optional.
JUN 5                                                                        JUN 6
JUN 7                                                                          JUN 8
JUN 9                                                                                JUN 10
JUN 11                                                                                     JUN 12
JUN 13                                                              JUN 14
JUN 15                                                                   JUN 16

                                JUN 17                                                                        JUN 18
JUN 19                                                                        JUN 20

Monday, July 5, 2010

Snowflake Patterns or Mandalas (May 2010)

These are the many designs on the SNOWFLAKE PATTERN.
Basically taking the geometric formula of snowflake paper cutting,
and applying it to digital manipulations.

These images are available on greeting cards and prints,
which will be available at select Calgary gift retailers.
I will provide a listing as distribution is organized.

I also have an online shop at Zazzle.
May1                                                                      May 2.
May 3.                                                                 May 4.
May 5.                                                                May 6.
May 7.                                                                May 8.
May 9.                                                         May 10.
May 11.                                                       May 12.
May 13.                                                    May 14.
May 15.                                                             May 16.

I recently read a HOW TO DRAW A MANDALA.
I started my designs based on the paper cut snowflake.
The tutorial gives me more ideas to play with.
Thanks to MG. for that link.

(7:45 PM)